[Highlights] “Modern Farmer” Episode 2


Episode two of “Modern Farmer” starts off with Lee Min Ki demanding that Kang Hyuk leave. While it is not hard to see that Kang Hyuk’s personality is less than desirable with his cheeky attitude, the argument still leaves the audience unsure of exactly what he originally did to betray the group.


Arriving in Lee Min Ki’s old hometown, they head to his grandmother’s old home. However, they are quick to find that it is in disrepair and…


… home to a wild deer.


After searching for a store or restaurant in the village and obviously not finding one, the group decides to go pick apples to eat…


… only to get caught. As they flee, they run through a greenhouse…


And through the flowers, thus gaining another chaser. As they continue down the road, they knock over a bowl of rice wine…


Thus gaining another chaser.


However, their running forces Kang Yoon Hee (Lee Honey) and her ATV off the road and into the ditch.

After some more yelling and fighting, everyone comes to realize that Lee Min Ki is the old woman’s grandson. Kang Yoon Hee—the head of the village—is quick to switch sides and is excited to see Lee Min Ki again. The latter, however, is dumbfounded to realize that this woman is his first love from childhood.

She decides to let the four stay and try farming. But of course, it wouldn’t be “Modern Farmer” without Lee Min Ki getting into a fight with someone. This time it’s Kang Yoon Hee. In the end, Lee Min Ki refuses any help from Kang Yoon Hee for farming his land.


The drama takes a slightly somber turn during the night. Yoo Han Chul sits by himself and looks at his bucket list which reads:

  1. Tell Mom I love her
  2. Match look on a date
  3. Couple ring
  4. Kiss
  5. Trip with a girlfriend
  6. Propose
  7. Get married

Yoo Han Chul saddens the scene further by saying, “Will I die without ever falling in love?”


The next morning the group researches how to plant cabbages. Still ignorant to how farming really works, they attempt to plow the 400,000 square foot field…


… by hand.


And of course they get absolutely nowhere.

Eventually they realize they need a tractor in order to plow the field, but that means they need to borrow one. When they immediately get shot down by one of the other farmers, Lee Min Ki realizes that he will simply have to swallow his pride and ask Kang Yoon Hee for help.

After—you guessed it—another fight, Kang Yoon Hee finally agrees to let him use a tractor. However, she comes along and is the one that actually drives the tractor.


One of the big parts of this episode is “Mr. Flower.” This is a deer that is extremely important to the village, and now is now about to be appointed mascot of the district by the governor. However, this deer has a nasty habit of escaping his pen. The village goes into a panic because the governor is on his way.


Back at the field, pandemonium ensues as Lee Min Ki decides to try and drive the tractor while Kang Yoon Hee had left to go to the bathroom. Having lost control of the tractor, Lee Min Ki ends up chasing the other three around the field. Eventually the tractor stops…


… because he ran Mr. Flower over.


And being the bright bunch of boys they are, the group decides to try and hide the body.

However, they run into Kang Yoon Hee on their way. When she asks what they were doing with the cart, they play it off as their laundry that they’re taking to be cleaned. She eventually accepts their reason and beings to leave to keep searching for Mr. Flower.


But it wouldn’t be “Modern Farmer” without something going even more wrong than it already has. The coverings fall off of the cart and reveal Mr. Flower.

Kang Yoon Hee finally completely snaps and demands that they take responsibility for this. However, Kang Hyuk saves them (sort of) by saying they could replace the deer with the one in their house.


And they do.

But of course, nothing can go as planned in this show. The deer begins fighting against their hold as they are in the middle of the ceremony and manages to slip loose.

Cue a cheesy 360-degree-camera style freeze montage of the fake Mr. Flower wreaking havoc on the ceremony.




Now for my top 3 favorite scenes of episode 2!

1. Cabbages falling from the sky in cabbage planes.


Come on, guys, these graphics are the best.

2. The group running around in their underwear.


It was funny because just seconds before this, the girl in the greenhouse was arguing that she wanted to get married, but all the men in the village were old and then said:


I live for moments like these.

3. The farmers’ faces watching Lee Min Ki, Kang Hyuk, and Han Ki Joon pee into the drinking water pond.


Basically strike five of three.

BONUS: Lee Min Ki getting yelled at.


How could you be mad at a face like that?

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