[Highlights] The Musketeers Get Cozy in Jail for Ep 10

The Three Musketeers” is getting almost excruciatingly intense. This week had me on the edge of my seat and I ended up abusing the fast-forward button simply because I had to know what the plan was immediately.

Of course, I then went back and re-watched it – since “The Three Musketeers” must be enjoyed in its full, real-time glory.

Here’s my round-up of the top moments from the episode, check them out and tell me what I missed in the comments!

1. Serious eye-candy, I mean, faces all around.

three-musketeers-10-haein-oppa three-musketeers-10-dong-geun three-musketeers-10-jinwook-srs

This episode was full of serious business. I’ll give you a moment to take it all in.

2. The Prince finally cuts loose…


… and socks Minister Kim Ja Jum right in the face! GO PRINCE!

3. The most evil laughter.


No really, this scene might give you nightmares.

4. The most awkward meeting ever. 


Oh you know, just meeting with the woman who tried to kill your husband, your old lover, and in the near future most likely you as well. No big deal.

5. Sad times for the boys, errr, men.

They were arrested like 10 times this episode alone. (Slight exaggeration)

6. The Princess shows her fierce side.


She may not be able to lie, but she can certainly put you in your place!

7. This girl.


She has lived every Jung Yong Hwa fan’s fantasy: saved his life, touched his face, and made him promise marriage! You go girl!

Also the best last scene ever. But I won’t spoil it too much for you – just let me know what you thought about it below!

[tv] Convinced to watch Episode 10? You can catch it now:

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