Lee Min Jung to Return Home, Says the Blackmail Incident Made Them Stronger

An acquaintance of celebrity couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung told the media that Lee Min Jung will be returning home shortly.

After the blackmailing incident where Lee Byung Hun reported the two women who blackmailed him, Lee Min Jung has been staying at her parents’ house, raising questions about the situation of her marriage to Lee Byung Hun.

However, the couple’s acquaintance told the media, “There were talks of their marriage being in trouble as she was staying at her parents’ house, but the two have cleared up any misunderstanding. Actually, their relationship has gotten stronger. As Lee Byung Hun is currently working, Lee Min Jung will soon begin her activities as well.”

Another industry insider commented, “As Lee Byung Hun was shooting his upcoming film ‘Insiders,’ they didn’t have much time to spend together. Lee Min Jung staying at her parents’ house was partially because there were so many reporters outside the couple’s house. When Lee Byung Hun returns from United States, they will be living together again.”

Previously, Lee Byung Hun left for the United States for promotional activities and project meetings.

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