Why Does Lee Yoo Ri Enjoy Being Cursed At By Passersby?

Actress Lee Yoo Ri, who recently played the villainess Yeon Min Jung in “Jang Bo Ri is Here!,” has appeared as guest at the October 20 broadcast of SBS’ “Healing Camp” and revealed an interesting info about her: she enjoys being cursed at by passersby.

On this episode of “Healing Camp,” Lee Yoo Ri wanted to find out how popular she is so she went to the town market and met the locals. The local public who saw Lee Yoo Ri were glad to see the actress however, they weren’t able to help themselves from making crude comments about the role that the actress played in the drama. Some passers by told her, “Yeon Min Jung is ugly,” “Live life the right way,” “You’re a really spiteful woman,” and expressed their disapproval.

While normally, people do not welcome abusive language, there’s actually a reason why Lee Yoo Ri says she doesn’t mind hearing expletives thrown at her from time to time.

“Even when I get cursed at, I had an interesting experience of receiving love. I had this strange pleasure thinking that my acting has gotten through them,” said Lee Yoo Ri.

Lee Yoo Ra

Getting people angry at her because of the character she played only means one thing: she’s an effective actress!