KARA’s Gyuri: “I Have Tried Every Kind of Diet!”

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OnStyle show “Get it Beauty” has released still images featuring KARA star Gyuri, who will be making an appearance on the program on October 22. During the show, Gyuri will speak about how she maintains her figure, explaining, “I have tried every single diet out there!”


During the show, Gyuri explains, “I’ve tried skipping a meal without any clear plan, I’ve tried just having one meal per day. I’ve also tried the ‘protein’ diet and the ‘Denmark’ diet.”

She also comments, “I use a different diet method before we release a new album. I am so happy that I have lost 6 kilograms using this method.”

Gyuri also explains that she is happy with her looks even without makeup. She says, “I like what my face looks like without makeup or if I am wearing minimal amounts of makeup. When I am on stage, I always wear thick make up on the stage, so I know that I look quite different without makeup.”


“Get it Beauty,” featuring KARA’s Gyuri, will air at 11 p.m. on October 22.