Block B Tells Their Sasaeng Fans to Stop Coming to Their Dorm

Members of Block B have taken to their Twitter accounts to tell their sasaeng fans to stop coming to their dormitory.

Block B’s leader Zico tweeted, “Visiting our dorm, it’s scary. Please stop immediately.”

He further added, “Drawing our attention and being publicly warned, do you feel accomplished by that?”

Park Kyung also tweeted, “I don’t know how you figure out where we live but two weeks ago, we were surprised to see graffiti on our door… Now, when we try to rest, there are people who keep buzzing or ringing our bell and running away… Please, I’m asking you.”

Jaehyo also tweeted a picture of scribbles on the dormitory door along with his message to the sasaeng fans. “I’m thankful that you love us but this is really scary.”

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