“Misaeng” Producer Reveals Opening Sequence Is a Clue to Drama’s Ending

Media outlet Newsen has published a report about current tvN drama “Misaeng.” As part of the report, Newsen spoke to Lee Je Moon, a producer working on the series, which is based on a popular webtoon (web-based cartoon) of the same name.


In the interview, the producer stated that fans of the webtoon could expect surprises from the series. Lee Je Moon said, “The opening was a little different to that of the webtoon. It was something of a clue about the series’ ending.”

Lee Je Moon also explained that he and other members of the production crew went to Jordan with the webtoon’s writer, Yoo Tae Ho, in November last year. He explained, “We fell in love with Jordan and thought that it would be great to film the opening in Jordan too.”

The producer also noted, “The setting of the drama is not contemporary. Viewers may recall a message that was left in a bathroom that read ‘March, 2012.’ And if you look carefully, you will see they are using second-generation mobile phones and that the cars are not brand new models either.”

Le Je Moon said, “The scene in Jordan in the 20th episode features actor Im Siwan [of ZE:A]. You will what happens to him in the last episode.”

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