Highlights: “Liar Game” Episode 1

The first episode of highly anticipated tvN drama, “Liar Game,” certainly started out with quite a bang! Never before have I broken out in goose bumps within the first five minutes of an episode and I think I’m still slightly breathless, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything, especially when “Liar Game” had the perfect combination of intensity, excitement, intrigue, and mystery.

I will admit, albeit quite proudly, that I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time, overworking my poor brain cells in an attempt to fit all the puzzle pieces together before the show did the work for me. Even now, as I’m recalling the episode, there is still only one thing I can think of: boy, what a ride!

Since I’m still reeling from the aftereffects, let’s take a look at five of the most compelling scenes from this first episode.

1. “Never trust anyone.”

Professor Ha

This spine tingling statement paired with Professor Ha‘s (Lee Sang Yoon) ominous face and eerie background music set the entire tonal stage. His jaw dropping ability to detect lies at the drop of a hat startles, not only his students and later the detectives, but me as well! The most shocking of this scene; however, is his confession to murder… just as the double doors burst open and the classroom gets swarmed with cops.

2. The $500k bag.

Nam Da Jung 500K

The now all too familiar background music makes its return and it’s such a hauntingly good instrumental, I was beginning to look over my shoulders to see if the mysterious woman had dropped a bag of $500k at my doorstep too. The shock, disbelief, and panic on Nam Da Jung‘s (Kim So Eun) face was epically good, but it wasn’t without a hint of greed at the thought that she could keep it for herself. Still, her good virtues won in the end and she was seen returning home, luggage still in tow, after night had already fallen.

3. Welcome to the Liar Game!

Nam Da Jung Liar Game

After sleeping atop the stack of bills, throwing the loan shark’s suspicion off the unfamiliar bag, experiencing the frenzy of a car chase, and screaming outside the police station about the pitiful life Nam Da Jung lives due to her ocean of debt, she finally catches the attention of an officer.

But nothing is ever as it seems in this drama and the officer turned out to be none other than Shin Sung Rok‘s Kang Do Young, Liar Game’s host, and he’s got the reporters on standby for Nam Da Jung‘s initiation into the game.

4. Reunion between teacher and student.

Nam Da Jung & Teacher Hyun

Despite having forfeited her participation in Liar Game due to her virtues, Nam Da Jung still has her thoughts on that $500k and Kang Do Young doesn’t give up quite so easily. Apparently, neither does Teacher Hyun, one of the other 39 contestants of the game. They knew each other before in the past and he attempts to convince Nam Da Jung to stay in the game, that they can work together to return the favor of deceit to the game show staff, and that they can both walk away with half of the prize money.

The tricky thing about this situation is determining whether Teacher Hyun is sincere… or if he’s getting a head start on deceiving his opponents, but it seemed like the idea that he could betray her had never crossed naive Nam Da Jung‘s mind. Did he end up deceiving her or did he stay true to his word? Well, I guess you’ll just have to watch the episode to find out! It’s no fun if all the secrets are revealed, right? Hehe.

5. Nam Da Jung is back in the game!

Nam Da Jung Back in the Game

As expected (or there wouldn’t be a drama to begin with!), Nam Da Jung drops back into the game at the very last moment… or so we’re led to believe. In reality, she was already getting lessons on the art of deception. As one of the most audience favored contestants, the hype of whether Nam Da Jung would return or not was undeniable and the game show staff milked it for all its worth.

Somewhat surprisingly, she pulls off a flawless act for the cameras to garner sympathy and understanding of her situation – but I suppose the truth behind her words, though scripted, regarding her father and their debt aided in that deception.

 My Thoughts

This first episode has definitely caught my attention – hook, line, and sinker. I’m drawn in to all the possibilities and curious about which fork in the road this show will take. I want to see how Nam Da Jung plans on trying to win the game and how, more importantly, she will evolve as a person. It’s clear to see that she’s entirely too naive and trusting of others, even complete strangers, and while that may be a form of strength from a general perspective, it is actually Nam Da Jung‘s biggest flaw. I’m anxious enough to see how Professor Ha Woo Jin will help with her transformation to forgo sleep and click on that tempting arrow button directing me to the next episode. See you guys on the other side!

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