Cast of “Roommate” Take Funny Family Photos

On October 23, the family photos of the cast members from SBS’s home sharing program, “Roommate,” were revealed.

The 12 members of the cast can be seen crowded in the living room as well as the stairs, all with funny expressions and weird poses. Though it seems like they may not blend in well enough with one another to share a house or even a room, these members seem to be having a lot of fun with the people they live.

1023 roommate family photos

Because of their schedules it is difficult to get all 12 in one place, and it may be that the photos were taken in celebration of this rare occasion.

Meanwhile, the program promotes its slogan, “Learning, Sharing, and Enjoying.” The members include Bae Jong Ok, Park Joon Hyung, Otani Ryohei, Lee Gook Joo, Sunny, Jackson, Heo Young Ji, Nana, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Kang Joon, Jo Se Ho, and Park Min Woo. The show airs every Sunday on SBS. Anyone a fan of this show?