Choi Jin Hyuk of “Pride and Prejudice” Says He Understands the Pressure Felt By Shim Eun Kyung of “Tomorrow Cantabile”

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk has recently expressed his feelings about his role in “Pride and Prejudice” and how he empathizes with fellow actor Shim Eun Kyung of “Tomorrow Cantabile.

“A few days ago, (I read) about how Shim Eun Kyung of ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ cried because she didn’t know how to act out the character of Seol Nae Il. After hearing about that, I empathized with her and I also cried. I think my nervousness has eased now. I’ll do my best,” said Choi Jin Hyuk at the production presentation of the upcoming MBC drama “Pride and Prejudice” held on October 23.

In the drama, Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of Chief Prosecutor Goo Dong Chi, a brilliant young man who becomes a prosecutor at a young age. Just like Shim Eun Kyung, the role that Choi Jin Hyuk plays is one of the lead roles in the drama that viewers are highly anticipating.

The upcoming MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Pride and Prejudice” is about the struggle of prosecutors who find the meaning of justice by putting law, principle, love, and people above everything else. It will be directed by PD Kim Jin Min, who directed “The Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “God of War,” and written by Lee Hyun Joo of “School 2013.”

“Pride and Prejudice” will premiere in October after the completion of the currently airing MBC Monday-Tuesday drama, “The Night Watchman.”

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