Highlights: “My Lovely Girl,” Episode 11

We only had one episode of “My Lovely Girl” this week (here’s hoping that Krystal is being given the time she needs to take care of herself!) but I thought it was a pretty good one. The plot moved forward in every storyline, there was cute romance everywhere, and we even got an accident-free performance from Shi Woo! So now, without further ado, here are my top five moments from this week’s episode:

1. Se Na kisses Hyun Wook. Their whole birthday date was adorable, but to me the best part was how Se Na ended the evening by kissing her new boyfriend. She’s open and honest about how she feels, and I love that about her.

mlg 11 rain krystal kiss final

2. Jae Young isn’t going anywhere, but at least he’s pretty. Honestly, Jae Young annoys me. He exists to stir the pot and cause trouble for our heroes, and he’s a terrible human being. But Kim Jin Woo is so nice to look at that I almost don’t care. So, thank you to the casting directors of this drama, for understanding that irritating villains become a lot less irritating when they have faces like this!

mlg 11 kim jin woo final

3. Hyun Wook gets sick, and it’s adorable. Sure, Se Na didn’t get to have a date, but she got to take care of Hyun Wook wrapped up in a blanket, so I’m having trouble feeling sorry for her.

mlg 11 rain final

4. Hae Yoon finally decides to move on. After being stuck in a one-sided love for twelve years, Hae Yoon realizes that she needs to get over her feelings for Hyun Wook. Good for her! But I sort of wish she wouldn’t resign, because it seems like she’s one of the few reasons that AnA is still a functioning company.

mlg 11 cha ye ryun final

5. Shi Woo hugs Se Na. I just love these two together. I loved their partnership in writing the song together, I love how honest Shi Woo is with Se Na, and I love how she doesn’t take any nonsense from him. And this hug was so sweet—a genuine “thank you” from Shi Woo for the first professional success he’s had in a while.

mlg 11 l krystal final

Like I said, I really liked this episode. Now if only Hyun Wook would actually be honest (like he said he would be!) and tell Se Na the truth about her sister. She deserves to know, and I’m starting to dislike him for keeping the secret, even though I understand why he does.

How did you feel about this week’s “My Lovely Girl”? Let us know in the comments!

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