Noona Says: SM, YG, and JYP Walk Into a Bar…

….SM immediately gets the best plastic surgeons in Korea to get a completely new face, YG also gets his nose fixed but prevents the news from writing about it, and JYP has a broken nose but he’s just glad to be included in the Big 3.

*badum tsss*

Get it? Get it? Walked into a BAR!

Get it? Get it? Walked into a BAR!

That’s a joke! That’s a joke that you may or may not find funny. It’s a joke you might even find pretty offensive. You might find it so offensive that you have already stopped reading and flexing your fingers to write a disapproving comment about how Soompi is losing quality and that we’re just trying to create controversy. You might even threaten to never comeback or even say something critical about Noona (or CMN as some of you are calling me).

You know what? You can totally do that, if you want.

Because this is an editorial. I give my opinion, and you are welcomed to give yours.

An editorial is simply a piece where an editor (like me) can give their opinion on a certain topic. Sometimes an editorial represent the company as a whole and sometimes the editorial is just representing the person writing it. The “Noona Says” editorials are of the latter. I, Soompi’s official Noona, am giving my opinion on topics related to Korean Entertainment. I have this handy-dandy disclaimer:

*The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author.

I wasn’t going to write this editorial on what an editorial is, but then I read through all the comments in my previous article, the one with YG Entertainment. My policy is to keep mum on the comments (unless something needs clarification) but I felt like I had to address some things.

-You are very welcomed to disagree with my opinion, but criticizing Noona as a person seems like a bit of a waste of time. It’s fine that you don’t like my “personality” based off of what I write, but what do you or I get out of you saying that? Nothing much, really. I’m interested in what your opinions on the topic are, not your opinions on me (since we’ve never met in the real life). Next time you find ourself writing something scathing about Noona, consider it more effective to write something scathing about what was written. Or, just don’t be scathing.

-You don’t have to like what I like, and I don’t have to like what you like. I was actually quite surprised that people found my YG editorial offensive. The only criticism I gave was about their inability to debut their girl group, which is nothing compared to the trouble YG has gotten this year alone. If I want to like SM Entertainment more than YG Entertainment, I can. If you want to hate on SM, I won’t stop you. If you want to like or dislike everything or aything, that’s okay, too. Let’s respect each other’s opinions, and leave them as that: opinions, not fact.


Am I so naive to want this here at Soompi?

-If you don’t like me or what I write, don’t leave a comment. I say that with no bitterness, but as genuine advice. When you leave a comment, you’re actually supporting that article. An article with a higher number of comment will actually draw more people to read it, regardless of how positive or negative the comments are. Don’t get me started on tweeting or sharing on Facebook. When you take a website or an article and share it, even if you’re saying “Hey, everyone, look at this stupid article that is totally wrong,” you’re actually giving that website or the writer more exposure and more money. When you come across something on the internet you dislike, the best thing to do is ignore it (or report it if it is actually offensive or harmful).

it's better to just sleep

It’s better to just sleep

-Please be more considerate of your words to each other. There is a lot of dialogue going on in the comments, which is great, but sometimes I do get concerned at what you say to each other. Writing belittling things about another person will only give you a very temporary feeling of satisfaction, it but can have a lasting negative effect on the person receiving it. My personal rule on internet commenting is “How would I feel if someone said that about me?” In my years, I have deleted many, many of my comments that no one else has ever read, and I would like to think that the internet is a slightly better place because of it.

-Thank you for writing thoughtful comments. I would also like to this space to express my gratitude to the regulars who contribute great things in the comment section and to those who are always defending Noona. I know I only just “like” the comments, but I hope that you know that I read and appreciate them a lot.

The best thing about Soompi and this editorial is that you can completely ignore everything that I’ve written here and write whatever you want in the comments. You have that power, but please honor Uncle Ben’s memory and his wise words:


CallMeN00NA is an editor at Soompi who totally made up that joke and is very proud of it. You can talk to her on Twitter, follow her on Instagram, and ask her questions

*The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author.

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