Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – October Week 4

Ailee’s “Don’t Touch Me” remains at No. 1 for the second week in a row. This song was highly ranked in all of our chart sources and won on Show Champion last week. It held off Roy Kim’s new song “Home.” Meanwhile, Kim Dong Ryul’s “How I Am” moves up one spot to No. 3. Congratulations to Ailee.

There are four new songs in the top 10 this week, three of which is in the top five. As mentioned, leading all the new songs is Roy Kim’s “Home,” moving up 16 spots to No. 2. This is the self written title song from Roy Kim’s second album of the same name. Using his trademark folk rock style, “Home” is about a person thinking of his family when he is feeling lonely. “Home” won on Music Core and M!Countdown last week and will try to overtake “Don’t Touch Me” for the top spot next week.

Up 17 spots to No. 4 is Younha’s latest hit “Wasted.” This ballad is written by Nell’s lead singer Kim Jong Wan. It has a calm melody and a refined rhythm. The lyrics are about love and separation, something that most of the listeners can relate to. “Wasted” is the first top five hit for Younha in more than four years. The last time was when she hit No. 1 in 2010 with “We Broke Up Today.”

Moving up nine spots to No. 5 is Akdong Musician’s new song “Time And Fallen Leaves.” After a successful run this past Spring with a trio of hit songs including the chart topper “200%,” Akdong Musician is making a surprising comeback with a song that is tailor made for the Fall season. “Time And Fallen Leaves” has a combination of guitar, string, and piano rhythm. Written by member Lee Chan Hyuk, this song is about letting go memories in fall like the fallen leaves.

One more new song at the bottom of the top 10, moving up seven spots is After School and Orange Caramel’s Raina. She had a successful hit this summer on the duet “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” with San E, and has also been in the top 10 many times in the past with her group songs. This is Raina’s first solo hit “You End, And Me” features the rapping of Kanto from TROY. This song is coming from her first digital single “Reset.” It is a ballad about a woman’s whose boyfriend suddenly left her. The sadness can be heard through the song.

Singles Music Chart - October 2014, Week 4
  • 1 (–) Don’t Touch Me
    • Chart Info
    • 1 Previous rank
    • 4 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 2 (+16) Home
    • Chart Info
    • 18 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 18 Peak on chart
  • 3 (+1) How I Am
    • Chart Info
    • 4 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 4 (+17) Wasted
    • Chart Info
    • 21 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 21 Peak on chart
  • 5 (+9) Time And Fallen Leaves
    • Chart Info
    • 14 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 14 Peak on chart
  • 6 (-1) Sogyeokdong
    • Chart Info
    • 5 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 5 Peak on chart
  • 7 (-5) The Space Between
    • Chart Info
    • 2 Previous rank
    • 4 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 8 (-2) Missing
    • Chart Info
    • 6 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 9 (-6) Holler
    • Chart Info
    • 3 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 10 (+7) You End, And Me (feat. Kanto)
    • Chart Info
    • 17 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 17 Peak on chart
Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (-4) 공허해 (Empty) WINNER
12 (-4) 연애하나 봐 (I Think I’m In Love) Juniel
13 (+10) DAY N NIGHT (Feat. Simon Dominic) Huh Gak
14 (new) 화장 지웠어 (No Make Up (feat. Zion. T, HA:TFELT)) Gaeko
15 (-3) 예뻐졌다 (Beautiful (feat. Zico of Block B)) Park Bo Ram
16 (+13) If I Jung Dong Ha
17 (new) 보고싶어 (I Miss You) Girl’s Day
18 (new) Error VIXX
19 (-10) I Swear Sistar
20 (new) Christmalo.win Seo Taiji
21 (new) Twenty Five Song Ji Eun (Secret)
22 (-9) You’re So Fly BTOB
23 (new) Rose Gaeko
24 (-9) HER Block B
25 (new) Be Natural Red Velvet
26 (-2) 너무 보고 싶어 (I Miss You So Much) Acoustic Collabo
27 (-1) 너 하나만 (Only You) Kim Tae Woo
28 (-18) 미친거 아니야? (Go Crazy?) 2PM
29 (-2) I Love You Yoon Mi Rae
30 (new) Witch Boyfriend
31 (-20) Anticipation Note NS Yoon-G, Giriboy
32 (-7) 눈, 코, 입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) Taeyang
33 (-2) A Real Man Swings, Ailee
34 (–) I Wish Gavy NJ
35 (new) Thinking Of You (feat. Zion. T) Seo In Young
36 (-14) I’ll Remain As A Friend Wheesung, Geeks
37 (-4) I’m Fine Thank You Ladies’ Code
38 (new) Human Mind Jang Ki Ha & Faces
39 (new) If Only Na Yoon Kwon
40 (new) 고요 (Goyo (with Jung Joon Il)) Yoon Jong Shin
41 (-6) 괜찮아 사랑이야 (It’s Okay, That’s Love) Davichi
42 (new) Yolo MADTOWN
43 (-24) 양화대교 (Yanghwa Bridge) Zion. T
44 (-5) 울컥 (All Of A Sudden) Krystal
45 (-9) Give Your Love? SPICA.S
46 (new) Before The Rain Bernard Park
47 (-27) Because I Love You Vibe
48 (-7) Love Fiction Ulala Session
49 (new) 어제까지 (Yesterday (feat. Gil9Bong9)) Suki
50 (new) I Can’t Lee Ye Jun

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music chart or television ranking. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea as well as the hottest trending artists on Soompi, making it a unique chart that reflects what’s going on in K-Pop not only in Korea but around the world. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

GAON Music Chart – 25%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Genie) – 15%
Soompi Airplay – 15%
TV Music Show charts (SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, MNet M!Countdown) – 45%

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