Lee Gook Joo Reveals Her Graduation Photos on “Roommate 2”

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo revealed a collection of impressive throwback photos in the latest episode of SBS’ “Roommate 2.”

In the October 26 episode of the variety show, Lee Gook Joo’s roommates, After School‘s Nana and Kara‘s Youngji, noticed a collage of the comedienne’s graduation photos on her shelf. The photos show Lee Gook Joo from elementary school up until her senior year in high school, and the photos prove she is certainly a natural beauty!

Upon seeing the impressive photos, Nana said, “Amazing. How do your looks not change?”

Hearing this, Lee Gook Joo replied, “What would the girls that have fixed something know. I haven’t fixed anything, so of course I look the same.” After getting over the initial confusion, Nana and Youngji burst in laughter over the witty joke.

lee gook joo