EXO’s D.O to Contribute to “Cart” Movie Soundtrack

The makers of upcoming movie “Cart” have released still images featuring EXO member D.O in a recording studio. The star, also known as Do Kyung Soo, will be staring in the film, which tells the tale of a group of disgruntled supermarket employees who decide to take action after the company dismisses them.


A representative for the production crew explained the images saying, “D.O will be making his screen debut in the role of Tae Young in this movie, and he has also contributed a song called ‘Shouting’ to the soundtrack.”

D.O explained, “This film is my screen debut and I am also singing a song for the soundtrack, so the whole project has a lot of meaning for me. ‘Shouting’ fits in well with the movie, and I think it will increase the dramatic effect that ‘Cart’ delivers.”