Hwang Jung Eum Reveals That There Is No One Like Her Boyfriend of Nine Years, Kim Yong Joon

In a recent interview with Hwang Jung Eum, the actress revealed that her relationship with her boyfriend of nine years, Kim Yong Joon, is still very strong.

As one of the representative couples that are publicly dating, Hwang Jung Eum could not avoid questions regarding her marriage plans. She said, “I can’t live without Yong Joon but often we tell each other, ‘You’re not my marriage counterpart.’ Yet we also say, ‘When are we getting married?’ We say that to each other and think that if we do decide to marry then we do it, and if we end up breaking up we break up. I sometimes don’t like his behavior but I still like him.” Through her response, Hwang Jung Eum showed that she and Kim Yong Joon had a very cool relationship.

She also said, “Sometimes I get sick and tired of him but in the end the only person next to me is Yong Joon. We repeat the cycle of breaking up and getting back together. Even if we do end up breaking up, it doesn’t go on for more than a week. If one person doesn’t call then the other person ends up calling. It’s very strange. We’re like family now.”

With regards to Kim Yong Joon’s participation in her work life, Hwang Jung Eum explained, “Yong Joon doesn’t go out of his way to monitor my dramas. We don’t talk too deeply about the story of the drama either. He says, ‘Jung Eum knows how to succeed herself.’ Because he knows that I can take care of myself he doesn’t really talk much about it. He’s very nice. There’s no one really like him, and I guess that’s why I stay with him. He has something that I don’t have. We can depend on one another because we are so different.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum’s latest drama, “Endless Love,” met an early termination this past October 26. With regards to her drama, Hwang Jung Eum commented, “There are many disappointing aspects that make me sad but the project itself and the process of making it was such a touching experience.”

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