Highlights: “The Three Musketeers” Episode 11

This week’s episode was very emotionally confusing—it went back and forth between comedy and tragedy so many times, I almost felt dizzy. But ultimately, I think that I liked the mixture of emotions: the highs of the funny scenes made the murder and mayhem that much more painful.

Here, without further ado, are my top fives scenes from episode 11 of “The Three Musketeers”:

1. The King thinks that everybody should be more like Dal Hyang.

The Three Musketeers finally make their way back to Hanyang, where they let themselves be caught “gambling”, to hide from the King what they were really doing. When they are brought before the King to be scolded, they are told that really, they should try to act more like Dal Hyang, who has been promoted to one of the King’s bodyguards. I nearly fell off my chair laughing during this scene—the confusion and resentment on the faces of the Musketeers, Dal Hyang’s bemused pride, and, best of all, the King’s oblivious joy that at least there is one young man who does his duty, were all so funny. What a great scene.

the three musketeers 11 lee jin wook et al final the three musketeers 11 jung yong hwa kim myung soo final

2. The Prince totally likes the Princess!

Everything about this scene where the Prince first kisses his wife made me so happy! Lee Jin Wook was fantastic, from the Prince’s jealousy of Dal Hyang to his confusion and uncertainty at these new feelings of affection. This scene was everything I ever wanted—funny and sweet and full of hope for a new beginning.the three musketeers 11 lee jin wook seo hyun jin kiss final

3. Mi Ryung and Dal Hyang’s confrontation.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the treatment of Mi Ryung in this episode (she absolutely should go to jail and she absolutely should pay for her crimes, but the trick that Dal Hyang and the Prince played on her felt, to me, needlessly cruel), but this scene was awesome. What I love about Yoo In Young’s performance is that you never know quite what Mi Ryung is up to. In any given moment, is she being sincere, or does she have some ulterior motive? And in this scene, she tries on persona after persona, trying to see which one will make Dal Hyang sympathetic to her cause. It was fascinating to watch.the three musketeers 11 jung yong hwa yoo in young final

4. Dal Hyang and his father are the cutest.

Dal Hyang’s father comes to visit Hanyang, and even though his trip ends in tragedy, the family reunion is both hilarious and precious. The scene is played as very broad comedy, but there’s a real underlying affection between the father and son. The result was just fantastic fun for the viewer.the three musketeers 11 jung yong hwa hug final

5. No, really, the Prince likes the Princess so much he can’t go one night without seeing her.

I loved everything about this final scene. I love how, just as the Princess was honest about her feelings several episodes ago, the Prince is now having his turn to be truly sincere. I love that he made up excuses to go visit her. And I especially love the way that he smiles at her. I have already praised Lee Jin Wook, but I need to again! He is just so wonderful in this role.the three musketeers 11 lee jin wook seo hyun jin kiss take 2 final the three musketeers 11 lee jin wook smile final

What about you? How did you feel about this episode? Let us know in the comments!

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