Actress Nam Ji Hyun Reveals That She Does Not Have an Ideal Type Since She’s Never Dated Before

Recently, OBS’s “Unique Entertainment News” interviewed actress Nam Ji Hyun, who is currently in the middle of a love triangle in the weekend drama “What’s Up With This Family.” When asked how she feels about receiving love from the two actors, she said, “If you look at it one way, it’s such an honor. Park Hyung Sik oppa, who plays the role of Dal Bong, and Seo Kang Joon oppa, who plays the role of Eun Ho, are two of the trendiest stars. I think I’m very lucky to receive the love of the two guys.”

She continued, “Even in real life the two have opposite personalities. There have many similarities, but Hyung Sik oppa has a lot of aegyo and is very sociable, maybe because he is the youngest in his family as well as the youngest within the group. Kang Joon oppa, however, was very shy at first but he’s the type that keeps showing you new sides of him the more you get to know him.”

Nam Ji Hyun was then asked which of the two was closer to her ideal type. To this question, the actress responded, “I don’t think about it [the thought of an ideal type] much because I tend to think more along the lines of ‘work is work.’ And I also have a lot of cousins that are oppas in my family. So I’m very comfortable around them. I think that’s also why they [Park Hyung Sik and Seo Kang Joon] treat me like a younger sister.”

With regards to an article about liking G-Dragon, she said, “Oh that. It wasn’t that I particularly picked a specific person as my ideal type. I generally like people who have a twist in their personality—they can be one person when they work but then turn into another when they are not at work. I just mentioned G-Dragon as an example but the article ended up coming out that way. There isn’t anyone that I can pick as a specific ideal type yet. I think I’ll know when I date but I don’t know since I haven’t dated anyone yet.” She even added, “Please call me,” with a lot of aegyo.

Meanwhile, “What’s Up With This Family” airs every Sunday on KBS.

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