[VIDEO] DickPunks and Juniel Bring Their Talent to AS4U

This week’s KBS “A Song For You” features two underrated acts – vocalist supreme Juniel and amazing band DickPunks! The theme of the episode was “Songwriters” and the guests are both known for their amazing stage presence and self-written lyrics!

Joining Amber, Kangin, and Sungjae, Juniel and DickPunks show their love for their fans and prove that they know how to have fun on air! If you’ve never heard of these guests, this episode is the perfect introduction to both their talent and their personalities.

Here are the top 5 moments from episode 13 of AS4U – but, if you don’t need convincing to watch it, just scroll to the bottom and catch the full episode!

1. Sungjae’s attempts at flirting.


Unfortunately they are neither successful nor appreciated.

2. DickPunks’ Hyunwoo vs. Taehyun…


… over who has dated the most in the group.

3. Ga Ram’s obsession with AOA.


He got thisclose to chilling with his bias, AOA’s Jimin!

4. The game!


Who knew that taking off socks was a sport?

5. Performances!

as4u-13-dickpunks-perf as4u-juniel-sing

With Juniel’s impromptu performance of “Say You Love Me” and DickPunks acapella version of “That One” as starters, the full performances are Juniel’s “I Think I’m In Love With You” and DickPunks “Viva Primavera!”

Catch the full episode now:

BONUS: A Soompier was featured in this episode – congratulations to Alicia! Your video to Juniel was awesome~

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