Highlights: “Modern Farmer,” Episode 4

Episode 4 of Modern Farmer gets off to a blazing start by showing the four stooges waking up and panicking over the fire that has begun to engulf the house. Since Hwang Man Goo cut off their water supply, the group has no way of putting out the fire.

Seeing no way out of their situation, the poor guys run back in to retrieve their instruments and clothes.


After being berated for managing to screw up more than they already had, Yoo Han Chul, Han Ki Joon, and Kang Hyuk accept defeat and wish to return to Seoul. Lee Min Ki, however, refuses to give up.


Lee Min Ki finally accepts Kang Yoon Hee’s proposal to help the villagers in the Myeon Olympiad. Even though she seems skeptical about their potential success against the other village, Sangdurok Ri, Kang Yoon Hee agrees to let them participate.


Since they no longer have anywhere to stay, Kang Yoon Hee allows them to stay in her home’s storage building.


We soon find the new girl, Lee Soo Yeon, on the phone with a woman who seems run the bar where she used to work. Lee Soo Yeon asks the woman to send some money to her account, blackmailing the woman when she gets upset about it. In the end, Lee Soo Yeon gets her way.


Having asked for some new clothes because of the fire, Kang Yoon Hee returns with, to Lee Min Ki’s annoyance, some… less than fashionable clothing. He rejects them at first, but the others force him to accept.


After revealing his embarrassing encounter with Lee Soo Yeon to the rest of the group, Yoo Han Chul says he has ruined his one and only chance at love. When Kang Hyuk says there are plenty of other women out there and he has plenty of time, Yoo Han Chul becomes upset. Saying that they don’t understand how he feels, he runs off.


To Hwang Man Goo’s extreme displeasure, Kang Yoon Hee brings the group to the Olympiad practice. It takes the village’s longstanding hatred of Sangdurok Ri to convince them that the group will be useful in helping them defeat their bitter rival.


However, the group is quick to learn that the Olympiad is not only comprised of strange events, but also that the villagers are not good at said events. Try as they may to train the villagers, the group finds little success. Unfortunately, Lee Min Ki lets his opinion be known. To this, the villagers decide to leave and let the group handle the Olympiad by themselves.


Surprise! Kang Yoon Hee has a younger half-brother! And a harsh-worded one at that. When Lee Min Ki tries to pick a fight with him thinking that the boy with submit to his elder, his gets his watermelon slice expertly kicked into his face. Lee Min Ki is quick to change his tone.


Lee Min Ki finds Kang Min Ho practicing for the Myeon Olympiad’s talent show. When asked why, Kang Min Ho says that he’s doing it so his mother can stay as village head. He goes on to say that he bragged a lot to his friends about his mother’s position. If she has to step down, then he’ll get bullied again—bullied for being the son of a single mother and not knowing who his father is.


Turns out Lee Soo Yeon is sneaking around the village because there is supposedly $5 million in cash buried somewhere there. Back when she was a hostess, a client drunkenly admitted to pocketing the money from an assemblyman’s secret funds he was tending to. She laughed and played along with it, not believing him. However, later she found him cornered by two men in suits asking where the money was. When he tried to escape, Lee Soo Yeon witnessed him run out in front of a car and get hit.


After seeing how desperately Kang Yoon Hee was trying to re-rally the villagers for the Myeon Olympiad, Lee Min Ki decides to swallow his pride. He goes around the village, trying to help whoever he can to make everyone come back.


And it works! Finally, things are looking up. The group tries helping the villagers train again, and this time it is more successful.


As celebration for a good day training, the villagers gather at Kang Yoon Hee’s home and drink. Lee Min Ki gives encouraging words, and to everyone’s surprise, Hwang Man Goo even pours the group drinks. Even with the ups and downs, the members of Excellent Soul may be on the verge of being accepted into the village family. A dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.

Now! For my top three favorite moments of Episode 4!

  1.  Lee Soo Yeon’s…. unique mural.


But seriously, that mural though.

  1.  The Puppy and the Bleeding Nipple.


Thinking the puppy was missing its mother because it licked his nipple, Yoo Han Chul let the puppy continue “suckling”… I was in tears laughing, to be honest.

  1.  The soccer bite while practicing for the Myeon Olympiad.


*Has flashbacks to the Italy vs. Uruguay World Cup game*

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