Rainstone Drops Music Video for Brian McKnight, Verbal Jint and San E Collaboration

Hit producer Rainstone has released the music video for the exciting collaborative project track “Rainstorm by Rainstone.” The producer has enlisted the talents of American RnB superstar Brian McKnight for the song, as well as bringing in two of Korea’s most exciting rap stars: San E and Verbal Jint.

The song flits between harder electronica sounds and slower, more melodic RnB stylings, blending elements of dubstep and hip-hop to fit in with the various talents of the vocalists. Brian McKnight sings the extended hook of the song, while San E and Verbal Jint take it in turn to perform rap verses.

The video, meanwhile, is an atmospheric black-and-white affair that is at once highly stylized and disarmingly straightforward – with the camera rotating around a single figure while the song’s lyrics are displayed on the screen.

Rainstone is known for his production work with Wondergirls, and has collaborated on tracks such as “Tell Me” and “Nobody,” as well as Nine Muses’ debut song “No Playboy.”