Lee Soon Jae To Visit Sunny and Bae Jong Ok on “Roommate”

Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae will be paying a surprise visit to the house on the popular variety show “Roommate.”

Producer of “Roommate” told the media on October 29, “Lee Soon Jae was invited over to the house by Sunny and Bae Jong Ok. The housemates were surprised to see such an esteemed actor at their house.”

Sunny and Bae Jong Ok personally invited the actor over to their house. Sunny met him through the tvN variety show “Gramps Over Flowers,” while Bae Jong Ok is a close junior to the actor.

The producer of the show also revealed that the two housemates unexpectedly invited over Lee Soon Jae after watching his play “Golden Pond.” The surprise visit threw off the staff members as well, who weren’t expected him to visit the house.

Lee Soon Jae’s visit to the house will be broadcast on the November 2 episode of “Roommate.”