Highlights: “Liar Game” Episode 4

This week on “Liar Game”, we finish up the “Minority Game”, and there are surprises and network interferences aplenty (seriously, the network executive might be my least favorite character on this drama! He needs to keep his nose out of “Liar Game”). But through it all, there’s one thing we can count on: that Ha Woo Jin knows what’s going on, and that he has a plan.

These were my five favorite scenes from episode four:

1. Woo Jin figures out Betrayer X’s plan

One thing that’s especially great about “Liar Game” is that I believe it when I’m told that Woo Jin is incredibly smart. Take this scene, in which he figures out Betrayer X’s master plan, for instance. In a million years I would never think of this—but Woo Jin puts the pieces together with almost dizzying speed.

liar game 4 lee sang yoon kim so eun final

2. Jung Ah is Betrayer X

Honestly, I had already figured out that Jung Ah (though I guess I should call her Jamie now) was secretly bad—but the moment in which her pitiful sobbing turns to evil cackling was still genuinely chilling. (Though doing that with Woo Jin’s vote still uncounted was silly. You’d think she would have watched enough movies to know that you should never reveal your evil plan until you are 100% sure of victory!)

liar game 4 jung ah final

3. Woo Jin spices up the revote

Since the final round ended in a tie, the last four players standing have to have a revote. Woo Jin is selected to pose the question, and after doing so (“I think the most important thing in the world in money”), he shows everybody his “No” card and votes immediately. Not only does this make for an interesting revote, it shows us just how confident and wily Woo Jin is (very. He is very confident and wily!).

liar game 4 no final

4. The extent of Woo Jin’s plan is revealed

Seriously. Woo Jin makes me feel so stupid. The reveal that he had teamed up with Sung Joon to defeat Jamie wasn’t massively surprising, but it was still impressive to see just how well-planned his victory was.

liar game 4 lee sang yoon final

5. Da Jung is still an idealist

I loved this conversation between Da Jung and Woo Jin, in which she tries to convince him that trusting is the best way to finish the game so that everyone benefits. Yes, she’s acting hopelessly naïve, but it’s touching that she still hasn’t lost her faith in people. (Though we’ll see if that trust can last following Dal Goo’s betrayal.) Even better, Da Jung is starting to understand that there’s a reason why Woo Jin is so cynical and suspicious. I’m excited for her (and the audience!) to find out more about what makes him tick.

liar game 4 kim so eun final

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