SPICA to Make Comeback Next Month with New Single “Ghost”

It has been confirmed that girl group SPICA will be making its comeback as a full group next month!

The group debuted its very first project group called SPICA.S during the summer, which consisted of members Bohyung, Jiwon, Sihyun (formerly Juhyun), and Narae. For this upcoming comeback, main vocal Boa will be joining the group once again to reveal a brand new single titled “Ghost,” a song that emphasizes each member’s vocal abilities.

“Ghost” is scheduled to be released on November 5. It is said that this song is a special gift for fans, for the fall season. The group worked with producing team Sweetune’s Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, with whom they have previously collaborated for their debut song “Russian Roulette.”

The new single will portray lyrics that express the inability to erase or run away from feelings of longing, conveying these emotions as being ghost-like.

Are you looking forward to SPICA’s comeback?