Jung Woo Sung Sends a Food Truck to the Set of Choi Jin Hyuk’s “Pride and Prejudice”

Actor Jung Woo Sung has expressed his support for Choi Jin Hyuk by sending a food truck to the filming location of his latest drama, “Pride and Prejudice.”

According to both actors’ agency, Red Brick House, Jung Woo Sung recently gifted the staff and actors of MBC’s “Pride and Prejudice” with 100 servings of delicious abalone and chicken stew.

Surprised over the sudden gift from his colleague, Choi Jin Hyuk thanked the industry senior, saying, “As the drama has faced various hardships already, I have been under pressure. I was surprised to see Jung Woo Sung support us. It was a good meal, and now that we feel energized, we will work even harder with the filming.”

In addition to being represented by the same company, the actors co-starred in the film “The Divine Move” that premiered earlier this year.

Meanwhile, “Pride and Prejudice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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