Song Jae Rim Becomes the Jealous Husband of Kim So Eun on “We Got Married”

Actor Song Jae Rim will show his jealous side as husband to actress Kim So Eun on “We Got Married.”

Song Jae Rim confronted Kim So Eun during a meal when he brought up a recent article that quoted Kim So Eun saying, “I like Lee Sang Yoon more than Song Jae Rim.” Although Kim So Eun tried to explain that wasn’t what she meant, Song Jae Rim continued in his jealousy by bringing up how she recently shared a photo she took with Lee Sang Yoon on her Twitter, but didn’t share the photo they took together.

In the same episode, the cat couple showed more skin ship as Song Jae Rim put lipstick on his wife. Because of how close their face had to be, Song Jae Rim ordered, “Close your eyes.”

You can watch Song Jae Rim get jealous and more in the next episode of “We Got Married.”

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