YG Reveals That a New Unit Is “Who’s Next”

YG Entertainment has revealed that their upcoming release will be a new unit.

The agency recently dropped a third and fourth “Who’s Next” teaser for the November 11 release.

The third teaser is a mysterious updated version of the image released previously on October 27, with the text “1+1/1.”

who's next

The fourth image gives a little more concrete information, showing a woman holding a box with “New Unit: Milk Chocolate” written on it and a plus sign next to her portrait, possibly a hint for a followup image with another/the remaining member(s) of the unit.

yg who's next

Many comments on the unit image are suggesting that the woman in the teaser is 2NE1‘s Minzy. Who do you think it is, and who do you think the members of the unit will be?