“Music Bank in Mexico” Forced to Pause Recording Due to Fans Throwing Undergarments on Stage

Recently, KBS hosted a recording of “Music Bank” that took place in Mexico, featuring a lineup that included popular idol groups EXO-K, BEAST, B.A.P, BTS, INFINITE, Girl’s Day, and Ailee. However, it has been reported that filming was put to a halt after it was discovered that fans were throwing their undergarments (underwears and bras) onto the stage during EXO-K and B.A.P’s performances.

On the night of October 30, over 12,000 K-Pop fans gathered at the Mexico City Arena to watch the special recording of “Music Bank.” During the concert, a number of fans, who seemingly got too excited, were caught throwing their bra and underwear toward the stage as the members of EXO-K and B.A.P sang their respective stages. This incident occurred multiple times during B.A.P’s “One Shot” as well as EXO-K’s “Growl.”

Due to the inappropriate behavior, filming was paused, and a representative of “Music Bank” announced, “Please calm down and refrain from throwing your undergarments.”

Following the end of the concert, one of the EXO-K members shared, “Although the fans were overly excited at times, it was nice to see them link arms with one another to create a screen (barrier) and stop the confusion.”

Some video clips and photos below:

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