“We Got Married” Hong Jong Hyun Expresses Jealousy over Wife Yura’s Skinship Scenes in Drama

We Got Married” couple Hong Jong Hyun and Yura of Girl’s Day seem to be getting closer everyday.

On the latest episode of the variety show, Hong Jong Hyun expressed his jealousy over Yura’s more intimate scenes in her latest drama, “Be Arrogant.”

When Yura revealed that she has yet to film the kiss scene, Hong Jong Hyun gave her a look and said, “I’ll be watching the drama.”

He further said, “Of course I’m concerned,” adding, “I’m concerned about how much skinship there will be on the drama.”

After hearing him, Yura laughed and commented, “I want to film stronger scenes now that I’ve heard that.”

On the same episode, Yura attempted to link arms with Hong Jong Hyun, who seemed pleasantly surprised by Yura’s approach. In a later interview, he smiled thinking back on the date, and said, “It was awkward. Next time I’m going to lead.”

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