After School’s Nana Notices Sparks Between GOT7’s Jackson and Kara’s Heo Youngji?

After School‘s Nana seems to suspect there is something going on between her fellow roommates GOT7‘s Jackson and Kara‘s Heo Youngji!

In the November 2 episode of SBS’ popular variety show “Roommate 2,” Jackson and Heo Youngji, who were both born in 1994, were seen jokingly picking on each other.

Heo Youngji said she prefers 2PM‘s Taecyeon over Jackson, to which Jackson immediately replied, “I think Kara’s Goo Hara is the prettiest.” Trying to come up with reasons why Heo Youngji chose Taecyeon, he said to himself, “I am short.”

Hearing this, Heo Youngji explained there is nothing wrong with Jackson’s height, and said, “It is not because of that.”

Nana, who was following the whole conversation, laughed, “Cute. You look like you are about to start dating.”

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