Lee Soon Jae Wants Girls’ Generation’s Sunny to Get Married, Asks If Lee Seo Jin Still Contacts Her

On the November 2 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Roommate Season 2,” senior actor Lee Soon Jae paid a visit to the ‘Roommate’ house to spend time with the cast members.

Lee Soon Jae is close with Girls’ Generation member Sunny after first meeting through tvN’s “Grandpas Over Flowers,” and the two of them maintained their close relationship even after coming back from vacation and filming the show.

During his visit, Lee Soon Jae asked Sunny a number of playful questions that caught her off guard, such as, “You’re no longer ‘Girls’ Generation’ but ‘Women’s Generation,’ right?” and “You’re at that age [to get married]. Does Lee Seo Jin not contact you anymore?”, displaying their family-like closeness.

In response to the actor’s unexpected questions, Sunny said, “Until when are you going to ask that? There’s almost a 20-year age difference between us (Sunny and Lee Seo Jin),” laughing as she was unable to hide her flustered state. Lee Son Jae replied, “Age gaps are nothing these days,” causing Sunny and Bae Jong Ok to burst into laughter.
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