BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Actor Lim Hyung Joon Join Official Cast of “Real Men”

BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae and actor Lim Hyung Joon have extended their stay in the military by accepting the offer to join MBC’s “Real Men.”

A source in the industry revealed to Asia Economy on November 3, “Lim Hyung Joon and Yook Sungjae have become fixed cast of ‘Real Men.’ Earlier today, they entered the training facilities in Kangwon-do, Chuncheon.”

The two recently appeared in the “New Soldier” special of the show together with Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Dong Hyun, and Moon Hee Jun. While their military life was originally planned as a one-episode special, their passion and hardworking nature impressed the producers, leading to the casting offer.

At the press conference of BTOB’s first solo concert, Yook Sungjae revealed his thoughts on the experience, “Through my body, I realized how amazing the Korean soldiers are. Moreover, the food was very delicious. As I have to follow my schedule, I haven’t been able to sleep too much, but in the military, I slept for eight hours. That was nice.”

Meanwhile, the November 2 episode of “Sunday Night” recorded nationwide ratings of 10.2%.


Following the reports of Yook Sung Jae and Lim Hyung Joon becoming fixed members of the show, MBC has announced that while the two are currently filming their second episode, they have not yet joined the official cast. According to MBC, they will decide after finishing the ongoing filming.

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