Actor Group 5urprise Confirms Upcoming Debut Album and Six-Country Asia Tour!

It has been confirmed that the members of actor group 5urprise are currently gearing up to transform into singers with the release of their very first album.

On November 3, 5urprise’s agency, Fantagio, revealed, “As the nation’s first actor group, [5urprise] will be releasing their debut album on November 18. The group, comprised of Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, Gong Myung, Kang Tae Oh, and Lee Tae Hwan, will also hold a six-country Asia tour in Japan, China, Thailand, and more.”

The debut album, titled “5URPRISE 1st SINGLE – From My Heart,” was produced by hit-making producer Jo Young Soo and written by popular lyricist Kim Eana.

A representative of Fantagio also explained, “5urprise celebrated its one year debut anniversary in Hong Kong this past August. With the successful wrap up of their first overseas fan meeting, they are raising expectations as potentially rising Hallyu stars.”

Through this upcoming album, all five members are setting out to promote as a complete group for the first time since their debut webtoon.

Are you excited to see 5urprise as a singing group?
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