Highlights: “Modern Farmer,” Episode 5

Episode 5 of “Modern Farmer” gets off to a nice start with Kang Yoon Hee and Park Sang Deuk talking to each other about how nice it was for Lee Min Ki and the others to work so hard for the village. Though their gesture is small in comparison to everything else they have messed up, it is still nice. Realizing that she needs to go feed the cows, Kang Yoon Hee leaves.


To her surprise, Kang Yoon Hee finds Kang Hyuk playing the piano out by the cows. (It’s Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 by the way! #classicalmusician)

When she expresses her amazement that he even plays classical music, Kang Hyuk replies that he learned from his girlfriend… who passed away eight years ago.


Kang Hyuk then admits to Kang Yoon Hee that she looks like his girlfriend. Everything about Kang Yoon Hee reminds him of her. And because of it, he’s beginning to like her even more. However, he turns the situation around, saying that he’s joking… but is that really the case?


The day is finally here for the Myeon Olympiad!


While taking in their first Olympiad, the group notices that there is a foreigner in the village. When they comment on how nice her large chest is, Hwang Man Goo comes in and agrees that, yes, his wife’s chest is nice.

That’s right. His wife.


And oh yeah he has a son, too.


What a surprising turn of events, indeed.


And so the Olympiad begins! All the training the villagers did seems to have paid off because they win the rubber shoe kick, the balancing of a rice bag on the head while hula hooping, and with a perfect score in yut. However, things take a bad turn after the break, and Hadurok Ri loses against Sandurok Ri almost every game after that until they are behind… 110 points.


However, Lee Min Ki still has a trick up his sleeve. Even though the only physical event left is the eleven-legged race, which is only worth 100 points, there is still the talent show. If they win that, then they’ll be in the clear. Lee Min Ki’s surprise was Kang Min Ho singing a remix of “Gangnam Style,” which was a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately, Kang Min Ho placed second — to a 107-year-old man from a different village reciting the multiplication table. Thankfully, Sandurok Ri didn’t place at all, so the 70 points Hadurok Ri got for second left them with a 40-point difference. If they win the race, they would be guaranteed first place.


Everything is off to a great start… until Sandurok trips them. However, when they try to get the referee to call it, they realize he won’t because he’s from Sandurok Ri. They feel hopeless, but Lee Min Ki gives them a pep talk and gets them back up. They push forward and catch up to Sandurok Ri, neck and neck for the finish.


However, both come in at the same time. After some arguing, they decide to use the picture taken at the moment they crossed the finish line. Using the international track and field rules, they will decide based on whoever’s torso reached the finish first. And so, the decider was…


… Yoo Han Chul’s swollen nipple… And thus, Hadurok wins the Myeon Olympiad.


But of course, things never go as planned for these folks. Turns out, the group didn’t file their move-in report and are technically not members of the village. And that violates one of the Olympiad’s rules of non-villagers are not allowed to participate. And so, Hadurok Ri loses anyway.


Expecting to be kicked out the following morning, the group is surprised to find that the villagers are going to let them stay for everything they’ve done — until they harvest their cabbages that is. Even Kang Yoon Hee is still village head because even though she stepped down as she promised, she was reelected anyway.


On their way to their field, the group comes across Bul Ja. She hands some wild honey — that she kind of risked her life to get — to Han Ki Joon. Though the rest of the group is excited about it, Han Ki Joon gives it back to her and tells her that she is making him uncomfortable. He even goes as far as to tell her to stay away from him — not to look at, talk to, or think about him. That’s harsh.


At the field, the farmer the group bought the seeds from tries to explain to them how to grow the cabbages. Unfortunately, none of what he says makes sense to the group. And before they can ask any questions, he leaves, saying he’s busy.


The group ends up going to ask Kang Yoon Hee if she knows how to farm cabbages. Though she doesn’t know much about cabbages themselves, she does give them some overall farming advice. She does, however, refer them the “farming god” who can make anything grow in any condition.


Of course, this person is none other than Hwang Man Goo. At first he rejects them, but after they agree to do whatever he wants, he accepts them. However, this leads to them having to shovel out cow dung and change the barn light.


When Lee Min Ki, Yoo Han Chul, and Kang Hyuk run off to get watermelon, they accidentally knock Han Ki Joon’s ladder down. They never notice and leave him stranded up there.


To make matters worse, when he tries to jump down he manages to get his pants caught on a bar and hang there. Bul Ja soon comes by, but when he tries to stop her, she brings up that he told her to stay away from him. He has to beg her, saying it’s an emergency before she finally helps him.


But of course, something has to go wrong. When Bul Ja frees Han Ki Joon, he unfortunately ends up falling on top of her… in a very compromising manner. What more could go wrong?


Getting caught at the wrong moment. Bul Ja flees immediately, leaving Han Ki Joon to face the group. No matter how hard he tries to convince them it’s an accident, they don’t believe him. Kim Soon Boon leaves laughing, her imminent gossiping hanging in the air.


Han Ki Joon soon finds himself doing damage control. Everyone thinks that Han Ki Joon and Bul Ja are dating now — Kang Yoon Hee’s half-brother even thinks Bul Ja is pregnant.


Unfortunately, it seems that Kang Min Ho is being bullied again. He returns home with one of his bag straps cleanly cut. However, Kang Min Ho only says that he fell, refusing to admit that it happened on purpose. Kang Yoon Hee gets upset at the group and tells them if he said he fell, then he fell — it’s none of their business.


On a little bit of a lighter note, we find that Han Sang Eun (Park Jin Joo) has a little music program she does under the name Matilda. She’s quite popular with her clean singing voice and charisma.


Unfortunately, her father, who is very much against her dream of becoming an idol, catches her. In his anger, he cuts her hair once again.


It’s clear that Kang Yoon Hee is upset about her son’s bullying. She cries quietly and pours herself soju as she sews Kang Min Ho’s bag strap back on.


Happening across each other, Han Sang Eun and Kang Hyuk end up talking. Kang Hyuk finds out that Han Sang Eun wants to be an idol so she can get out of the country. She’s not good in school and her family isn’t rich, so music is her only way out.


After giving Han Sang Eun encouraging words, Kang Hyuk heads back to the house. However, he finds Kang Yoon Hee nodding off still sewing her son’s bag. He decides to let her be, but takes the bag and begins sewing it himself.

Now! For my top three scenes of Episode 5!

  1. Kang Yoon Hee upset at the Olympiad.


This mother was most definitely not okay with Lee Min Ki teaching her son the “Gangnam Style” hip thrusting.

  1. That race-winning nipple.


This is the kind of nonsense I live for.

  1. Hwang Man Goo’s wife speaking Korean.


Not that there is anything wrong with this, but after not having spoken in ANY of her other scenes, I thought she might just be… there. I may or may not have almost rolled off my yoga ball when she suddenly started talking. I was so happy to finally see a foreigner speaking Korean in a drama.

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