Lee Gook Joo Chosen as Main Model for Cosmetics Brand ElishaCoy

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo has signed her first-ever modeling contract with a cosmetics company.

According to her agency, she was recently selected as the new model for cosmetics brand ElishaCoy.

A representative of the company revealed, “We worked together with Lee Gook Joo for our latest advertisement as she perfectly fits the concept of our new product line with her youthful skin and healthy and beautiful image. We hope that Lee Gook Joo’s positive, healthy, and confident charm will help achieve positive synergy with our brand.”

In the concept photo, the comedienne appears youthful and charming, proving that her energetic image is a great match for the pink makeup look seen in the advertisement.

Meanwhile, Lee Gook Joo is enjoying great popularity as a cast member of SBS’ “Roommate 2.”

lee gook joo