Highlights: “Dad! Where Are We Going?” 110214

Continuing from last week, the families of “Dad! Where Are We Going?” are showing foreign families the different colors of Korea.

First, Yoon Hoo and his father Yoon Min Soo along with Ahn Jung Hwan and his son Ahn Ri Hwan are showing Chan and his father around the city of Seoul. They start the trip off with a city tour on a two-story bus. It’s a great time for everyone, because the Koreans feel as if they had never seen Seoul properly either. (People who live in tourist spots haven’t actually seen the touristy things, you know?)

DWAWG 110214 1

The last stop is Korea’s famous shopping district, Dongdaemun. The Korean fathers buy hats for Chan and his father as gifts.

DWAWG 110214 2

Apparently, Dongdaemun also has rides. Ri Hwan is too short to get on, but Chan and Hoo give quite a show while enjoying themselves.

DWAWG 110214 3

The fathers are too busy laughing at them…

DWAWG 110214 4

…only to have the tables turn when it’s their turn on the ride.

DWAWG 110214 5

Richard and Avery are on a trip to the countryside, along with Sung Dong Il and his daughter Sung Bin and Jung Woong In‘s daughter Jung Se Yoon. Fittingly, they go to the rice fields for the ultimate rice experience: reaping the rice themselves.

DWAWG 110214 6DWAWG 110214 8DWAWG 110214 7

Afterwards, the girls receive ingredients for dinner from the townspeople. One grandmother is particularly kind, giving Avery the proper “Korean grandmother” experience. (As in, she kept feeding them.)

Xavier and Mia have always wanted to travel to a South Korean beach; last week they got on a boat and caught octopus. When they retire to their home for the night with their travelmates Kim Sung Joon, his son Kim Min Yool, Ryu Jin, and his son Lim Chang Hyung, Kim Sung Joon is out like a light for a nap. Ryu Jin takes this opportunity to plan a surprise birthday party for him. Mia and Min Yool show off their amazing acting skills, while Chang Hyung almost ruins the whole thing with his… adorable acting skills. Ultimately though, the surprise party is a success!

DWAWG 110214 9

Ryu Jin jokes that they really woke Sung Joon up so he could cook dinner, which turns into a France vs. Korea cooking contest. The two Korean fathers are the worst cooks among the regular cast though, so Xavier wins with his omelette hands down. Nonetheless, the dinner is deliciously consumed by everyone.

DWAWG 110214 10

There are a mountain of dishes as a result though. The six play the noonchi game to decide who will be washing them. Xavier and Mia catch on fairly quickly, but in the end, Xavier and Sung Joon lose together. However, everyone ends up doing them together, which is so heartwarming–one of my favorite things about this show.

DWAWG 110214 11

Richard and Avery’s group have a delicious looking dinner of pork belly BBQ with the ingredients they obtained. (I wish they had shown this; I love watching the children eat because they eat so well!) As they are getting ready for bed, Sung Dong Il fully recognizes cultural differences when Richard keeps wearing shoes inside the house and Avery walks outside without them. At the end of the night, the three girls fall asleep to Richard’s warm voice reading them a storybook.

DWAWG 110214 12

Back to Seoul: Chan and company stop by a noraebang–a karaoke place. The children enjoy themselves immensely; Ri Hwan really feels it.

DWAWG 110214 13

The episode ends with their arrival at a traditional Korean house hostel, their place for the night. Next week’s preview promises the rest of their adventures, and they look just as exciting and adorable.

This episode is packed full with cute… and dumb. Take a look, especially for a laugh at the fathers’ English skills and awe at the children’s English skills. (Seriously though, Korean education and its emphasis on English really shows through these kids–wow!)

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