[Updated] Shin Hae Chul’s Preliminary Autopsy Results Revealed, Responses from Sky Hospital and Asan Medical Center

The preliminary autopsy results for Shin Hae Chul, who passed away on October 27, have been revealed. According to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI), the autopsy took place on November 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., after which the first briefing was held.

The NISI revealed, “Perforation with a diameter of about 0.3 cm was discovered in the pericardium, where a foreign substance was also found. There is a possibility that the perforation is iatrogenic [a result of medical examination or treatment]. The cause of death was peritonitis [inflammation of the peritoneum, the tissue that lines the wall of the abdomen and covers abdominal organs] and pericarditis [inflammation of the pericardium, the tissue that covers the heart], and its accompanying septicemia [also known as blood poisoning].”

The chief of the NISI, Choi Young Sik, said, “It looks like the perforation, which became the cause of death, may have happened during the surgery performed to relieve intestinal stricture. A more comprehensive cause of death will be determined following review of the hospital treatment records.”

Choi Young Sik continued, “A foreign substance like sesame was found in the pericardium. Considering the fact that the perforation is near the area of surgery, we will have to consider the possibility of malpractice.”

Previously, Shin Hae Chul’s wife requested an investigation of the hospital for malpractice, as well as an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

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Following the release of reports on the preliminary results of Shin Hae Chul’s autopsy by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Sky Hospital responded on October 4, saying that it’s difficult to suggest malpractice with just the autopsy results.

The hospital’s lawyer said on October 4 to Yonhap News, “The perforation found in Shin Hae Chul’s pericardium is unrelated to the surgery that we performed on his abdomen. The chest cavity was not opened for the surgery we performed, and the two cavities are separated by the diaphragm.” The rep went on to suggest that the problem could have arisen at Asan Medical Center, where surgeries were performed both on the patient’s heart and abdomen.

On the foreign substance discovered in the pericardium, the representative stated that it seems the singer had food when he left the hospital, despite the fact that he was supposed to fast.

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[Update 2] 

Asan Medical Center has responded to Sky Hospital’s suggestion that problems arose when Shin Hae Chul was admitted at Asan Medical Center.

On October 4, Asan Medical Center said in a phone call with CBS No Cut News, “Because of privacy policies, we weren’t able to inform the public on the state of Shin Hae Chul.” They then denied Sky Hospital’s claim, saying that at the time of the emergency surgery they performed, Shin Hae Chul’s heart was “already full of contaminants.”

“This doesn’t seem to be anything other than hospital ‘S’ shifting responsibility over to us, and they’ve completely excluded the relevant information,” said the hospital.

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