Idols Vote: Best Idols of 2014, Most Desirable “We Got Married” Partner, Best-Dressed, Among Others

Celebrity news site Joy24 has surveyed various idols to celebrate their 10th anniversary. 79 currently active idols participated in the survey.

Idols’ most desirable partners to shoot “We Got Married” together were Suzy of Miss A and model/actor Kim Young Kwang, both with 4 votes.

HyunA of 4Minute and Taecyeon of 2PM were voted as having the best bodies out of all idols, with HyunA receiving 13 votes and Taecyeon receiving 10 votes. In second place were Sistar‘s Bora and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, who got 11 and 9 votes respectively.

As for the best fashionista idol, G-Dragon topped by a landslide, with 36 votes. f(x)‘s Krystal came in second place with 7 votes, while Block B‘s Zico got 6 votes, coming in at third.

23 idols named EXO the best idol group of 2014, while Sistar came in second place with 15 votes and Beast came third with 8 votes.

Im Si Wan was named as the best acting idol by 27 idols, some of them who picked him as their acting role model. Lee Joon followed suit with 17 votes, while D.O of EXO, a relatively newcomer to acting, came in third with 5 votes.

When asked about an agency they would want to be with, most idols replied with their current agency, showing their loyalty to their management companies. SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both got 14 votes.

The 79 currently active idol groups who participated in the survey include members from: Beast, VIXX, BTOB, 4Minute, Boyfriend, BTS, Secret, Bestie, Teen Top, UNIQ, B.I.G, DGNA, Laboum, Mad Town, among others.

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