Park Hae Jin Keeps His Promise, Volunteers with His Anti-Fans

Actor Park Hae Jin took a unique approach to dealing with netizens who left him malicious comments online.

Earlier this year in March, Park Hae Jin sued a group of individuals who were spreading malicious rumors about him online. To the individuals he sued that issued apologies for their comments, he offered to withdraw his lawsuit if they participated in community service with him.

On November 5, Park Hae Jin’s agency announced, “On October 31, Park Hae Jin had a volunteer service event with his fans and the netizens who left him hurtful comments.” The group worked on delivering essential items for winter to those in need.

At the event, he kept up the mood with his positive attitude, even approaching the netizens first, starting up friendly conversations with them.

Park Hae Jin is currently appearing in OCN‘s crime thriller drama “Bad Guys.”

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