“Hidden Singer” Format Sold to NBC for an American Remake

JTBC‘s hit variety program “Hidden Singer” will be remade for American audiences by NBC Universal.

JTBC announced on November 5 that the show format for “Hidden Singer” has been sold to NBC. They added, “After the premiere of ‘Hidden Singer,’ we have been receiving love-calls from various networks around the globe. After a year of negotiation, we decided to sell the format to NBC Universal. Not only does NBC Universal own network channel NBC, they also own CNBC, Bravo, and E!. They also imported the format for ‘The Voice‘ from the Netherlands and recreated it into a hit program.”

“Hidden Singer” is a singing variety show, where singers compete with non-celebrities who can sing just like them. Previously, JTBC also sold the format for “Hidden Singer” to China in May.