Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 6

Episode 6 of “Modern Farmer” gets off to a calm start, picking up where the last episode left off. After finishing with the bag, Kang Hyuk realizes Kang Yoon Hee can’t sleep outside and tries to carry her back inside…


… but drops her. Hard. After getting upset at him for dropping her, Kang Yoon Hee realizes the bag’s bad sewing job. Flustered, Kang Hyuk apologizes for the bag and tries to help clean up, only to make a bigger mess by knocking the soju bottle over.


While trying to convince Kim Soon Boon that he’s not in any sort of relationship with Bul Ja, Han Ki Joon says that Bul Ja isn’t his style and asks why would he like an illegal worker. Unfortunately, Bul Ja passes by at that moment.


Feeling bad about what he said, finds Bul Ja and apologizes. However, she doesn’t explicitly accept his apology, turning his previous words against him.


When a little scuffle between the two ends in Bul Ja accidentally throwing a snake onto Han Ki Joon, the snake bites his bottom lip. Being the expert she is, Bul Ja realizes that there is only one way to stop the venom… to suck it out.


This of course leaves them in another very compromising position that Kim Soon Boon just happens to stumble upon. After saying she won’t tell anyone, Kim Soon Boon runs off laughing maniacally.


After finding out that Kang Min Ho is still being bullied, Lee Min Ki decides to teach the little boy how to stick up for himself. Using boxing gloves, Lee Min Ki has Kang Min Ho and his bully fight it out. Kang Min Ho gives the boy a strong punch to the face and “wins.” Afterwards, Lee Min Ki gives them both a talk, convincing the bully to be friendly to Kang Min Ho.


Upset with Lee Min Ki’s influence on her son, Kang Yoon Hee yells at the man. However, Lee Min Ki has none of it. He tells her off for not being on her son’s side and only worrying about her image.


The entire village gathers for a meeting about…. Park Sang Deuk’s blind date. Being that he is the last bachelor in the village, this is quite the event for everyone. Park Sang Deuk, on the other hand, is not on board with it. After arguing about going, he finally agrees when he sees a picture of the girl.


However, on his way to his date, Park Sang Deuk runs into his ex-girlfriend, Yoo Mi Young (Jung Shi Ah). We find out that she’s moving back into the village for her father who has severe dementia. But we soon learn she is not exactly welcomed. In the past, the two were doing well, and because Yoo Mi Young was everything to Park Sang Deuk, he worked extremely hard to pay her way through college all on his own. Unfortunately, one night Park Sang Deuk discovered Yoo Mi Young cheating on him. After that, he was never able to date again.


Park Sang Deuk goes into his date swearing to finally get married and forget Yoo Mi Young. Sadly, it turns out that his date photoshopped her picture and doesn’t look anything like what he was expecting.


After goofing around and accidently injuring Kang Yoon Hee’s ankle, Lee Min Ki is left with the responsibility of driving her to Seoul to sell spinach the next morning.


So earlier in the day, Yoon Hye Jung decided to make dinner that night because the group kept complaining about only eating ramen. Ignorantly excited for the change, the group begin eating Yoon Hye Jung’s Carbonara Mozzarella Kimchi stew. However, the group is quick to express their disgust once they finally taste it. Their blatant honesty forces Yoon Hye Jung to realize that no one has told her she can’t cook, and she runs off crying.


Park Sang Deuk’s mother confronts Yoo Mi Young about how her son refuses to date anyone because of her. Earlier, Park Sang Deuk had returned from the date and expressed his displeasure. However, to calm his mother’s rage, Park Sang Deuk agrees to keep seeing the woman.


In Seoul the next morning, Lee Min Ki and Kang Yoon Hee discover that the normal buyer of the village’s spinach has a new dealer and won’t buy from them anymore. Learning that they need to sell the spinach quickly or it will go bad, Lee Min Ki proposes that if he can sell it, they will split the profit 50/50. Though reluctant at first, Kang Yoon Hee agrees.


Lee Min Ki shows up to the club Excellent Souls used to play at and sells spinach to the owner. After Lee Min Ki heads into the kitchen, Kang Yoon Hee learns from the owner how popular the band used to be. She also learns about Han Yoo Na (Han Bo Reum), the now-famous singer who was in a relationship with Lee Min Ki in the past.


So, Yoo Han Chul finally confesses to Lee Soo Yun! Only to be brutally rejected, of course. When she leaves, Yoo Han Chul tries to turn the other way “like a man,” but ends up chasing after her.


On their second “date,” the woman gets drunk and obnoxious. While she babbles on about something, Park Sang Deuk has an internal conflict between being irritated and trying to give her a chance. But the last straw seems to be when she drops a lighter on her way to the bathroom and on it is an advertisement for a host bar.


Having sold almost all of the spinach to people he knows, Lee Min Ki makes a stop at what seems to be his mother’s home. Based on his cold reception of her, it is clear that he hasn’t seen her in a while and isn’t comfortable with her… but why?

Now for my favorite parts of episode 6!

  1. Lee Min Ki getting kicked in the face.


Kang Yoon Hee was most definitely not pleased to find out Lee Min Ki had her son hold a rock in his fist when he fought the bully.

  1. Yoo Han Chul roll playing the woman in Park Sang Deuk’s date prep.


That and Park Sang Deuk’s indifferent reply to every question as “digging.”

  1. Yoo Han Chul’s rejection.


Lee Soo Yun didn’t even stop to think about it, she just flat out rejected him. Her “evil” side is starting to show~

Did you guys catch this episode? If so, discuss your thoughts below!

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