AOA Reveals Highlight Medley for Upcoming Mini Album + Solo Teaser Pictures

UPDATE: MV Teaser Released:

After showing off a sexy “Spotlight Teaser” for “Like A Cat” yesterday, their highlight medley for their new mini album has been released.

The six tracks previewed are “AOA,” “Like A Cat,” “Girl’s Heart,” Just The Two of Us,” “Time” and “Tears Falling.”

In addition to their highlight medley, solo photos of each of the members in their cat outfits has been revealed.

Mina, Seolhyun

aoa like a cat 1

Yuna, Jimin

aoa like a cat 2

Chanmi, Choa

aoa like a cat 3

Hyejeong, Group

aoa like a cat 4

AOA will have their comeback showcase on November 10. Following that, their album will be released online on November 11 and offline on the 13th.

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