Highlights: “Pride and Prejudice,” Episodes 3 and 4

After last week’s premiere, I wasn’t entirely sold on Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t dislike it, but it felt weirdly off-kilter — largely because I had a lot of trouble understanding the motivations of the heroine, Yeol Moo.

With that said, this week’s episodes felt like they were made specifically for me, to show me that this drama does have a strong center in Yeol Moo. Color me convinced. I loved these two episodes, which dealt mainly with Team Prosecutor trying to discover the truth behind the death of a young girl. The case itself was strong (and I admit that it made me cry a lot!), but we also got to find out a lot more about our main characters and their shared history. Of course, the answers we received only raised more questions, and I for one can’t wait to discover more about Yeol Moo and Dong Chi and the twisted history that binds them together.

These were my favorite scenes from episodes three and four of “Pride and Prejudice”:

1. We meet Yeol Moo’s mother

Our first official introduction to Myung Sook, Yeol Moo’s mother, was really difficult for me to watch. Baek Jin Hee perfectly conveyed just how desperate Yeol Moo is to get her manic, unstable mother away from the prosecutors’ office, and my heart was pounding in nervous sympathy. (And serious bonus points for Dong Chi, who treats Myung Sook with nothing but respect.)

pride and prejudice 3:4 kim na woon final

2. Yeol Moo tells Dong Chi just who she is

This scene at the end of episode three, in which Yeol Moo reveals the identity of her dead brother, was fantastic. I’m really impressed by Baek Jin Hee’s performance, which combines steeliness and vulnerability in just the right proportion.

pride and prejudice 3:4 baek jin hee final

3. The team questions Chan

Like I said, the case of the week was really good, and a lot of that was due to the character of Chan, a young mute boy who holds the secret of his sister’s life and death. Every scene featuring Team Prosecutor interacting with Chan was pure gold — all three of them were kind and gentle and made an effort to make him feel comfortable and safe. All of this, naturally, made me cry.

pride and prejudice 3:4 baek jin hee and child final

4. “Help me”

The reveal that Yoon Ji, the young girl who died, really was abused by the daycare center guardian was nothing short of chilling. The CCTV footage of her saying “Help me” in sign language was beyond heartbreaking, but it was also the breakthrough that Team Prosecutor needed in order to finally arrest the guardian. It was impossible to feel happy at the conclusion of the case, because the crime was so horrible, but it was satisfying to know that Yoon Ji would at least receive justice.

pride and prejudice 3:4 baek jin hee and different child final

5. “Why did you kill him?”

WOW. We finally find out why Yeol Moo hates Dong Chi: she believes that he killed her younger brother. I’m guessing it’s not true, seeing as Dong Chi is our lead character, but it’s clear that he’s at least connected to the murder, and he’s completely floored by the accusation. What a great ending to a strong week.

pride and prejudice 3:4 choi jin hyuk final

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