“My Lovely Girl” Episode 16 (Final) Preview

Episode 16 (Final) Text Preview:

Se Na (Krystal) leaves a note for Hyun Wook (Rain) and departs. A year later, having returned to Seoul after hearing her friend Hong (Lee Cho Hee) is pregnant, she visits Hyun Wook’s old house…

Episode 16 Teaser:

Shi Woo (L): What’s the reason I hired you again?

Man: If you hear about Yoon Se Na, you have to tell me right away.

Shi Woo: Don’t forget our contract.

Yoon Se Na (Krystal): I am in a lot of debt to you.

Shi Woo: Yoon Se Na, next time you come back, you’re coming to me, okay?

Yoon Se Na: Ahjussi, I’m sorry. I don’t have the courage to be with you.

Hyun Wook’s father (Park Young Gyu): Are you still waiting for her?

Hyun Wook: It’s not your concern.

Also check out some shots of the cast behind the scenes!

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