The drama “Pinocchio” is debuting next week on November 12, and our team couldn’t help but be reminded of all the questionable hairstyles we’ve seen on the small screen. So, we present to you a list of these amazing hot messes – in no particular order – in honor of all that K-drama hair should never be.

1. Choi Dal Po (“Pinocchio”) – The “Straw Helmet” Hairstyle

lee jong suk

I’m not sure what happened while Lee Jong Suk was selecting hairstyles for his Choi Dal Po role in “Pinocchio,” but he ended up choosing a look that makes him look like someone cut his hair with a hacksaw…blind. Our only consolation is that he won’t be keeping this hairstyle for long; it’s only supposed to be in Choi Dal Po’s childhood.

2. Sadam (“The Night Watchman”) – The “Shampoo Commercial” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 2

This one could be debatable. Honestly, I find Kim Sung Oh‘s hairstyle in “The Night Watchman” inappropriate for a sageuk drama. Look at it! Look at the silky smoothness! What Joseon era shampoo did he use to get that that touchable softness? Can I get some of that?

3. Lee Tae Ik (“Full House Take 2”) – The “Perm of Death” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 3

No Min Woo wore this hairstyle for his character, Lee Tae Ik, a superstar musician in the drama “Full House Take 2.” I tried watching this drama, I really did, but just looking at the curls almost killed me. It was a near death encounter that will haunt me forever.

4. Na Mi Rae (“Marry Him If You Dare”) – The “Poodle” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 4

It was really hard for me to keep a straight face when I first saw Yoon Eun Hye showcase this hair for her Mi Rae character in “Marry Him If You Dare.” I, like so many others, thought of a “poodle” when I saw it.

5. Song Sam Dong (“Dream High”) – The “Mop” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 5

I just can’t get over Kim Soo Hyun‘s scruffy hair on “Dream High.” Okay, the hair makes sense considering the character’s background. Song Sam Dong comes from the countryside with very low monetary support and he doesn’t know the latest fashion from the capital. That hairstyle though… it’s like wearing a mop on your head. At least it made for a drastic transformation later on.

6. Gu Jun Pyo (“Boys Over Flowers”) – The “Conch Shell” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles 6

Lee Min Hos fabulous hair for his character Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” still remains a strong contender for one of the strangest hairstyles ever. Often parodied, this is one that goes down in K-drama history.

7. Jin (“Nail Shop Paris”) – The “Anime” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 7

Lately, I was researching Song Jae Rim’s rising fame in show business, and it reminded me of a drama he starred in called “Nail Shop Paris.” The problem lies with his co-star Thunder starring as Jin, a strange character probably inspired from a Japanese anime show. That flashy hair color is no exception!

8. Kwon Ji Hyuk (“Shut Up Flower Boy Band”) – The “Electrifying” Hairstyle

shut Up Sung joon

What a shocking presentation of a rebellious boy band member by Sung Joon for his character, Kwon Ji Hyuk! It looks like his hair literally stands on end. That’s how I look like every morning before straightening and combing my hair.

9. Yoo Eun Jae (“Wild Romance”) – The “Ahjumma” Hairstyle

Worst Hairstyles - 9

Sure, it makes sense to have a nice short hairdo for a bodyguard character, but when there are so many alternatives, I don’t know why the drama decided on this one for Lee Si Young in “Wild Romance.”

Worst Hairstyles -10

What do you think were some of the worst hairstyles you’ve seen in K-dramas?

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