9 Pictures That Prove Super Junior’s Amazing Friendship

On November 6th, the ever popular Super Junior celebrated their 9th anniversary. Over the years, the “Kings of K-pop” have grown as close as true brothers and constantly give fans a glimpse into their daily lives through pictures and SNS. To celebrate their 9th anniversary and the members’ amazing and unique relationship, here are nine pictures that prove their special friendship.Fans of Yewon, be happy! Siwon is famous for being so affectionate with all the members, but in this picture, Yesung shows some love to his younger brother by grabbing him in a back hug. The two dark-haired cuties give off the vibe of a great junior-senior relationship.


It’s a well-known fact that Ryeowook and Sungmin have a really close relationship. With their gorgeous skin and ever-youthful appearances, these two members never seem to age. Along with their amazing genes, the gorgeous guys also share similar, flower-boy looks that have melted the hearts of fans since their debut.


Everyone loves Leeteuk, the responsible and hard-working leader of Super Junior. Here, Kyuhyun and another member squeeze together for a group hug with their beloved leader. Over the years, Leeteuk has become a respected, well-liked leader in the K-pop and entertainment industry, but perhaps no one respects and loves him quite like his younger members.


What list of friendship would be complete without the always adorable Eunhae? Popular members Donghae and Eunhyuk have enjoyed a special friendship since their debut and have only continued to grow closer throughout the years, even forming their own sub-unit D&E. Without a doubt, this is one friendship that will always stand the test of time.


Almost as popular as Eunhae, Kyuhyun and Siwon have also enjoyed a unique friendship which has only gotten stronger over the past few years. As two of the youngest members in the group, they have a lot in common- both are devout Christians, both are very close to their families, both are polite and well-mannered, both are very talented, and both are extremely gorgeous. Need we say more?


Eunhyuk has the really adorable habit of acting offended so the other members will step over and hug him. Although it’s a well-known ploy of Eunhyuk, Sungmin continues to be a good big-brother by stepping in to give the rapper and dancer some attention and affection onstage.


Even before the days when they starred as high-school enemies in “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys,” Kangin and Heechul were already great friends. The friendship started back in their trainee days and has grown even deeper over the past few years. With similar, mischievous personalities and senses of humor, it’s no wonder these two are such good friends.


As rappers, dancers and choreographers, Eunhyuk and Shindong have a lot in common. Eunhyuk loves to laugh and Shindong loves to entertain people, so we can only imagine how much fun these crazy and talented guys have together when rehearsing. Although Shindong isn’t one for a lot of public displays of affection, this picture really shows how much he cares for Eunhyuk as they laugh over a joke.


Leeteuk and Donghae have been together longer than any of the other members. Originally set to debut together as part of another singing group, Leeteuk always felt responsible to look after the younger Donghae. The two grew even closer when Donghae’s father reached the final stages of his terminal illness and asked Leeteuk to take care of his son upon his death.


For all you ELF out there celebrating Super Junior’s 9th anniversary, here’s a bonus picture of the 13 original members on the set of their first international hit, “Sorry, Sorry.”


Throughout the years, Super Junior has proven that they are not just fellow members and artists- they are true brothers whose special bond will last far beyond the present. Whether laughing or crying, practicing together or taking a nap, standing onstage or going on a joint vacation, there is no doubt that Super Junior has a unique friendship and love that is rare in today’s world. We wish them a happy anniversary and hope that they will celebrate many more years together as a family.

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