[VIDEO] Super Junior Awes Sungjae on AS4U

As is fitting for their nine year anniversary, this week’s “A Song For You” episode featured the legendary Super Junior! All active members (minus Siwon) came together to hang out with MC Kangin and discover how passionate their fans are!

With all of the member’s MC experience, Sungjae’s fanboying, and just the sheer amount of goofiness – this episode ended all too quickly. Lucky for ELF, Super Junior will have a second AS4U episode next week!

Here is a round-up of some of my personal favorite moments from episode 14! If you haven’t seen it yet, scroll to the bottom and catch the full video now~

 1. Kangin’s revenge.


Sungjae thought he could mess with Kangin forever – until Kangin’s group rolls in 8-members strong.

2. This moment.


In reviving Super Junior’s past greetings, Heechul returns to a past I think he’d rather forget.

3. Sungjae made a list…


… of all of Super Junior’s amazing feats. LOOK HOW LONG IT IS!

4. Sungjae, aka the Super Junior fanboy to end all fanboys, ranks their looks.


Who is hot and who is not in Sungjae’s ELF heart?

5. The first performance!


The boys performed “Evanesce,” a song that needs to be performed a lot more often in my completely un-biased opinion. Next week will have more of Super Junior’s dulcet tones.

For (many) more hilarious moments, catch the full episode now:

Bonus: A slew of Soompiers were featured showing off their dance covers in the episode! And – a life lesson, if you ever meet the boys, say you’re from Italy~ This is the greeting you’ll get:

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