Jung Woong In to Cameo in “Pinocchio” as Min Joon Gook from “I Hear Your Voice”

Actor Jung Woong In will be reprising his role as the iconic villain Min Joon Gook from “I Hear Your Voice” for a cameo in the upcoming drama “Pinocchio.”

Lee Jong Suk who worked with Jung Woon In on “I Hear Your Voice” is the leading actor of “Pinocchio.”

A broadcast insider told the media, “Jung Woong In maintained a great relationship with the production staff of ‘I Hear Your Voice,’ and when we approached him about the idea, he accepted it gladly.”

They further revealed, “During the second episode which will air on November 13, Park Shin Hye‘s character will imagine a courtroom scenario. Jung Woong In’s Min Joon Gook will appear in that scene.”

“Pinnochio” is slated to premiere on November 12.

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