Noh Hong Chul has been caught driving after drinking alcohol. On November 8, according to a representative of the Seoul Gangnam police station, the broadcast personality was caught driving his Benz after drinking with his friends at around 1 a.m. 

“At the time, he was asked to perform a breathalyzer test, but after refusing once, chose the blood test,” the rep said. In the midst of some reports stating that Noh Hong Chul refused sobriety tests, the police further clarified that this is not considered a refusal of the test, as he has a right to choose which test to have performed: breathalyzer or blood test.

The police have sent Noh Hong Chul’s blood sample to the National Forensic Service, and once his blood alcohol content has been confirmed, he will be summoned for further investigation. 

The results are slated to come out no earlier than November 17. 

According to a report by Star News, police have stated Noh Hong Chul’s reason for being behind the wheel. Allegedly, while he was having some wine with friends, he was asked to move his car because it was illegally parked, and was caught while moving his car. He had been driving approximately 20 to 30 meters when he was stopped.

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