[Updated] MBC Confirms Noh Hong Chul’s Withdrawal from “Infinity Challenge” Following DUI Incident, Show to Continue with 5 Members

It has been revealed that broadcast personality Noh Hong Chul has requested to withdraw himself from all television programs after releasing an official apology following the DUI incident earlier today.

It was reported that Noh Hong Chul was stopped by the police in his Benz for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol at around 1 a.m. (KST) on November 8.

Following this incident, he released an official statement through MBC: “This is Noh Hong Chul. I sincerely apologize for causing concern to viewers due to my drinking and driving early this morning. I feel sorry for showing a disappointing image to so many people who cared for me because of my wrong judgment at the moment. I am painfully reflecting for not taking better care of myself. Therefore, I have shared my intentions of withdrawing myself from the programs I am currently in with the producers. This is a decision I have made in order to no longer cause discomfort to all of the viewers. I will continue to go into a time of self-reflection from now on to reflect and reflect once more. I would like to once again say sorry to the viewers.”

According to reports by media outlets No Cut News and OSEN, after Noh Hong Chul shared his official apology, a representative of MBC has stated that the broadcast station is still currently looking more closely into the situation, as the drunk driving charges have yet to be confirmed. The rep explained that the producers are awaiting the results of the sobriety test and are in the middle of discussing his withdrawal request.

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In the midst of news of Noh Hong Chul’s recent drinking and driving incident and ongoing discussions as to future “Infinity Challenge” appearances, MBC has announced that Noh Hong Chul will in fact be leaving the show and that “Infinity Challenge” will continue with five cast members.

On the afternoon of November 8, they said, “Taking full responsibility for this incident, Noh Hong Chul had expressed his wish to withdraw from the show. Following discussions, we have decided to respect his wishes. While his vacant spot may be large, the remaining five members and production team will do their best. Once again, we sincerely apologize.”

Previously, in April of this year, former “Infinity Challenge” member Gil was also caught drinking and driving, and the “Infinity Challenge” team went from seven to six with Gil’s withdrawal. 

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Noh Hong Chul Caught Driving after Drinking, Sobriety Test Results Still Pending

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